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Week 4 Update (Tests)

Hello everyone. I have decided to move the tests that were scheduled for Friday (Economics, World History, American History, & Reading) to Tuesday of next week. I rarely change test dates once they are scheduled but (on reflection) I feel like with the combination of the short week and the number of students that were absent on Wednesday, many of my students are just not ready to take these tests on Friday.

Moving the test to Tuesday will allow me to review with the classes tomorrow (we will play a review game) and give the students extra time to study. The reason I am scheduling the tests for Tuesday (instead of Monday) is because students tend to struggle with tests given right after the weekend, so I never give tests on Monday.

Sorry to change things up at the last minute, but I really think the students will do better on these tests with the extra time to review and study. Thanks and all the best!


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