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Check out what our students, families, and visitors have to say about our school!


Francine V., Parent

Micanopy Academy saved my son from 3 years of misery. My son was diagnosed with Autism in 2014, and I truly believed he would be okay at our zoned district school, so I enrolled him. He went to class and did his work, but I saw a change in him. I finally got him to admit to me what his issue was. He couldn't stand going to school. Students would tease him. Students were doing drugs in the bathrooms. Fights were breaking out everywhere, and teachers would criticize him for always asking to go to the restroom. I searched for a small, accredited school where he wouldn't feel intimidated. We found Micanopy Academy. They accepted him with open arms and made him feel welcome. He thrived at Micanopy Academy, received straight A's, and was accepted into Santa Fe College as a dual enrollment student. I don't believe my son would have survived high school if it wasn't for Micanopy Academy. I am forever thankful to Micanopy Academy.

Alliyah J., Student

What I like most about Micanopy Academy is that everyone treats me like family and I feel safe here.

Jenny K., Parent

Amazing school with wonderful staff. Everyone there truly cares about their students. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have our child attend Micanopy Academy and highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a smaller school with a caring environment.

Professional Testimonials

From Ashley Doty of UncomplicatED:

Thank you for a GREAT day with Ms. Orbe and Mrs. Phillips at your school today. Wow - I was incredibly impressed with their vision, their participation, and their enthusiasm!  

From Dr. Danielle Liso of CARD:

The teachers I observed were patient and encouraging.  It was great to see the needs of such a diverse group being addressed!

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