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High School
Grades 9-12

Welcome to your future! Micanopy Academy offers grades 9-12. We are a complete high school! We look forward to offering you competitive and diverse courses on-site and through Florida Virtual School. MA is a small, family-oriented school with friendly staff and highly qualified teachers. Our high school classes are capped at 15 students to ensure we can provide individual attention to all students.


↝ Graduation Requirements

We follow Florida’s High School 24-credit program: 4 credits of English/LA, 4 credits of Math, 3 credits of Science, 3 credits of Social Studies, 1 credit of Fine & Performing Arts, Speech & Debate, or Practical Arts, 1 credit of PE/HOPE, 8 credits of Electives.


↝ Honors Courses

High achieving students can take honors courses in certain subjects. A 3.3 GPA or higher must be maintained to remain in these courses. These courses will help students prepare for Dual Enrollment/AP classes and qualify for scholarships.

↝ Dual Enrollment

Students that pass the 10th Grade ELA, Algebra I EOC, and the PERT may apply for Dual Enrollment at Santa Fe College or the online program at UF. MA is currently the only Charter School in Alachua County to offer this. This is Free College! You can take the ACT in the Spring on our school campus.


↝ Community Service

Helping others is an integral part of high school. We expect our students to contribute a minimum of 75 hours of community service by the time they graduate. Students can fulfill this requirement in various ways. This component will also meet prerequisites for scholarships and college entrance.


↝ Electives/After-School Activities

MA offers on-campus electives such as Theatre, Home Economics, and Journalism. Students may supplement our electives with online FLVS electives like Photography, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, Driver’s Ed, and Personal & Family Finance. Time will be set aside for electives during the school day.


↝ Industry Certifications

We offer Industry Certifications through the FLVS to ALL of our interested students in grades 7-11. There are currently 20 online classes for certifications in:

Microsoft  -  Oracle  -  Adobe  -  CompTIA  -  Cisco


Students can earn up to 12 college credits and meet the Career and Technical requirement for The Gold Medal/Bright Futures scholarship through this certification program.


↝ Extra-Curricular Activities

Clubs and after-school activities include Student Council, Theatre, Art Club, Bible Club, and Game Club. MA will be expanding those to include yearbook, gardening, and basketball over the next few years. Students may play any sport through the school they are zoned for in addition to what MA offers.


↝ Senior Projects

All 12th-grade students will complete a semester-long senior project. This student-driven assignment involves extensive research that culminates in a presentation to students and staff on a topic of their interest. Options for this project include an original invention they would like to create and market, something they want to learn more about or something that will benefit others. We encourage students to seek outside instruction from businesses, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to get information on their project and its applications to the real world. Projects will be showcased for family and community members and students will receive a special honor at graduation.  


MA Welcomes High School Students!

Apply today!


↝ Dual Enrollment/

AP Courses

  • 11th and 12th-grade students may take Dual Enrollment classes at Sante Fe College.

  • Qualifying 12th-grade students can take AP courses through FLVS. 

  • MA encourages Dual Enrollment and AP courses for our high school students so they can earn college credits before graduating. 

  • Find out more at Santa Fe College's Dual Enrollment page.







↝ Did You Know?


  • MA staff will help students register for the ACT/SAT/PERT and apply for colleges and scholarships. 

  • Students can participate in MA's Student Council and organize fundraisers and events during the year. High school students are expected to demonstrate leadership at MA. 

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