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Come As You Are

Students at Micanopy Academy share lunch together at a table.

Come on in, our doors are open! At Micanopy Academy, we welcome and celebrate each unique individual who walks through our doors. We embrace everyone for who they are now and who they hope to be in the future. Every person at our tuition-free middle and high school is encouraged to boldly and bravely be their best self!

Getting to Know You

At Micanopy Academy, we are focused on you — our students. Our focus on each student as an individual means we recognize who you were, who you are and what matters to you going forward. What do you want for your future?

Upon enrolling, we’ll create a plan for how and when you’ll graduate and what pathway suits your interests and goals. We’ll talk about your learning style, strengths and challenges. We make time to understand you, as an individual, so that you’ll feel how much you belong here. It’s not difficult to find an open door, a listening ear or a caring heart at our school. Students and faculty consistently rate our caring community as one the greatest parts of our school.

Students in a Micanopy Academy classroom sit at desks and smile for a photo.

You Belong Here

Our inclusionary vision for our community is modeled by our staff and put into action each and every day by our students. Our bright students know that they are safe to express themselves because they will be celebrated for who they are. At Micanopy Academy, we create opportunities to explore who we are and get to know each other.

To cater to your interests and have a little fun, we’ve built into our curriculum popular elective classes. Curious about forensic science? We’ve got an elective for that. Want to take a deeper dive into business law? We can do that. Everything from journalism to theater and even virtual electives through Florida Virtual School are available as a credit-earning elective at Micanopy Academy.

Looking for a way to shine your light? We’ve got a little something for everyone to express themselves in clubs, arts and athletics. If there is a part of you looking for a place to call home, you can find it here.

Our community at Micanopy Academy affirms who you are and provides the support for who you want to be. We embrace our differences and similarities, experiences, and personality traits that define ourselves as our greatest asset. We’re enrolling for Fall 2023, tuition-free. Come as you are–you belong here!

About Micanopy Academy

Micanopy Academy is a 6th-12th grade tuition-free public charter school with limitless compassion for guiding students toward a bright future. With small classes, certified teachers, high standards and personalized learning, we’re growing the hearts, minds and futures of students in Micanopy, Florida. Where will a Micanopy Academy education take you? Enroll today and find out.

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