School Starts on August 24th!

Micanopy Academy will begin on August 24th as planned even though Alachua County district schools have postponed their start date. Our first two days of school, August 24th and the 25th will be online only via Google Classroom. Every student, whether they are on-campus or distance learning, will be enrolled in Google Classroom so that if and when we must shut down, everyone’s transition to a period of distance learning will be seamless. It is important that your child log in and set up their email address, as this is what the teachers will use to invite them to their classes on Google Classroom.

Even though these first two days will be done from a distance, if you and your student need help to log in to their email and to access Google Classroom you may come on to campus and someone will help you get started. Please let us know ahead of time if you plan to come to campus on those days. 

Regular, on-campus instruction will begin on Wednesday, August 26th following our normal schedule. 

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