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Who We Are: Kristin Walker, Principal

Profile photo of Kristin Walker, Principal of Micanopy Academy

It’s not uncommon for teachers to wear many hats. It’s even more common for educators at a small, community based school like Micanopy Academy to take on many roles. At our tuition-free charter school, our newly appointed principal, Kristin Walker, exemplifies this type of devoted educator who works tirelessly for our students. Over her 9 years at Micanopy Academy, Kristin has taught nearly every subject to our 6th-9th grade students: English, World & U.S. History, Civics, Reading, Creative Writing, Forensics, STEM, and even Theater. In addition to teaching, Kristin has served in the roles of Title I Teacher, Assistant Principal, and ESE Consultant.

Few people have the skill and commitment that Kristin has shared with our students; every single student and staff member has been impacted by Kristin’s work and she is truly the heart and soul of our small school. Get to know Principal Walker, in her own words:

Who/what motivated you to become an educator?

I attended a small private school from pre-K through the 7th grade where I experienced

education as it should be - small class sizes, high standards, and teachers who

genuinely care about their students. The principal of that school (Palm Vista Christian

School in Ft. Pierce, Florida) and his wife who was my kindergarten teacher, were two

big influences in my decision to become a teacher, even though I haven’t seen them

since I was a young girl. Mrs. Ray encouraged me to always give my best effort and Mr.

Ray was the kind of principal who would take the time to help any student when

needed. When I was in middle school, he helped me understand how to do my math

assignments. Though their individual contributions to my education are numerous yet

mostly forgotten, they left me with the lasting impression of their kindness. I knew that

my education was valuable and that I was important to them.

I wanted to become a teacher to help students see the value of education and to do my

part to ensure that each student feels like they belong and are important to me! 🙂

How does Micanopy Academy's mission align with your personal values?

Micanopy Academy’s emphasis on high educational standards and personal attention

align with my own values because I see the necessity of this model of education for the

health of our society as a whole. If we are careless with the way we teach our children,

what kind of future are we setting up for them and for ourselves? I care very much about individual empowerment, that people are educated in a way that allows them to

advocate for themselves and their rights and freedoms. I care about our democracy,

which depends upon an educated citizenry to function effectively as a government of,

by, and for the people. I believe that every child can learn and deserves teachers who

believe that about them even when they doubt it about themselves. I believe in the

inherent worth of every person just as Micanopy Academy believes in the potential of every student. :)

What do you love most about your new role as principal?

What I am most excited about is working more closely with my team of teachers to

enhance their abilities to effectively teach our students. I have had success in the

classroom and now I see an opportunity to not only share what I have learned over the

years but to also improve our overall strength as teachers through continuous

professional development that is relevant to our school and our students. My goal is to

empower our teachers through training and support so they can focus on what matters

most - serving our students.

Profile photo of Kristin Walker, Principal of Micanopy Academy at her desk.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My family consists of me, my son Sebastian who was part of our first graduating high

school class in 2020, and my longterm boyfriend, Christopher. I like to spend as much

time with them as possible doing things like watching movies, enjoying nature, and

reading great books. I also enjoy playing video games! This gives me a common

interest with many of my students. We have been bonding over the new Zelda: Tears of

the Kingdom game!

Ms. Walker’s breadth of knowledge and skills, as well as dedication to every enrollee at our tuition-free middle and high school, is second to none. We are so fortunate to have a leader who truly walks the walk of our mission and vision at Micanopy Academy. Thank you, Principal Walker!

About Micanopy Academy

Micanopy Academy is a 6th-12th grade tuition-free public charter school with limitless compassion for guiding students toward a bright future. With small classes, certified teachers, high standards and personalized learning, we’re growing the hearts, minds and futures of students in Micanopy, Florida. Where will a Micanopy Academy education take you? Enroll today and find out.

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