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Week of February 12, 2024

WEEK OF FEBRUARY 12, 2024.   **Subject to change


LATE WORK GRADED AS ZERO.  If you have a valid excuse for being late, you MUST email me the night before and ask for an extension.

HW:  If you don’t turn in your HW, you will write a 5-paragraph essay: “Why it is Harmful to Not Do My Homework.”

NO NAME on the physical paper = Grade 0. 

Period 1:  English HS (If absent, see “Period 1” folder for handouts). 

MON-TUES:  Story/Film assignment due at the beginning of class.

This week will be working with the “Recitatif” – Vocabulary exercises, Vocabulary Quiz and reading the story.  Participation in reading/discussion will be graded this week.

TUES NIGHT HW:  Write down the definition, part of speech, and two sentences for each of these words: Famous, Famously, Infamous, and Infamously.

WED–FRI: Story/film review (handout).  Due MON beginning of class.

Period 2:  Reading/Literature/Film (IF ABSENT, see the “period 2” make-up work folder).

MON - THURS:  We will be working on the novel The Outsiders.  Chapters 1 & 2 Vocabulary exercises, vocabulary quiz and reading/discussion.  Participation graded for reading/discussion.

WED night HW:  Write down the definition, part of speech, and two sentences for each of these words:  Sensation, Sensational, Sensationally

Period 3:  ELA 6th Grade (IF ABSENT, see the “period 3” make-up folder).

MON-THURS: This week we will be working on a review of BASIC spelling/vocabulary words (handout will be given).  We will be doing vocabulary activities during the week.  The students should practice spelling these words, knowing the definition, and using them in a sentence at home every night for a spelling/vocabulary test on Thursday. 

WED. we will be going over essay introductory paragraph concepts again in class.  Participation will be graded.

THURS.  Assessment on essay introductory paragraphs concept.

Period 4:  Political Science (IF ABSENT, see “period 4” folder for makeup work.)

MON:  Current events presentations (weekly – see rubric given).

MON – WED:  Work on Senate Bill presentations (handout/rubric given).  Presentations will be the following TUES. and WED.

Period 5:   STUDY HALL – 8th grade

This period is intended to offer additional time to complete assignments in all classes, absentee work, and afford help in 8th grade ELA.  Come prepared to work and study.  Grades are based upon dedication to study and behavior standards.

Period 6:  Creative Writing (no class Wednesdays)

During this semester, writing assignments will be given via written handouts with instructions.  They may be daily or over several days.

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