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Week of April 15, 2023

WEEK OF APRIL 15, 2024.   **Subject to change

FRIDAY:  Prom (6-8)

LATE WORK IS GRADED AS ZERO unless you have a valid excuse for being late and you email me the night before asking me for an extension with the reason.

HW:  If you don’t turn in your HW, you will write a 5-paragraph essay: “Why it is Harmful to Not Do My Homework.”

NO NAME on the physical paper = Grade 0. 

ABSENT?  See absent folder for make-up work.


Period 1:  English HSTo Kill a Mockingbird (novel)

MON:  Vocabulary Chapter 12-17 TKAM (handout) (group)

TUES:  Begin reading Chapters 12-17

TUES NIGHT HW:  Idioms Worksheet (handout)

WED: Vocabulary Quiz (chapters 12-17); continue reading Chapters 12-17

THURS-FRI:  Finish reading Chapters 12-17, begin Comp Qs (group) (handout).


Period 2:  Reading/Literature/Film (IF ABSENT, see the “period 2” make-up work folder).

MON:  Play rubric will be handed out. (group). Work on play to be presented on Wednesday.

Rest of WED and THURS, work on Chapters 8 & 9 vocabulary

FRI:  Vocabulary Quiz chapters 8 & 9, begin reading chapters 8 & 9.


Period 3:  ELA 6th Grade.

MON-TUES:   Complete reading chapters 8-13, Out of My Mind.

WED-THURS:  Chapters 8-13 Comprehension Questions (handout) (group)

FRI:  Essay related to Chapters 8 – 13 (handout) (individual) – due Monday.

Period 4:  Political Science.  A current event presentation is due MONDAY. This week we will be reading, discussing, and analyzing current events articles chosen by Mrs. Smith.


Period 5:   STUDY HALL – 8th grade.  This period is intended to offer additional time to complete assignments in all classes, absentee work, and afford help in 8th grade ELA.  Come prepared to work and study.  Grades are based upon dedication to study and behavior standards.


Period 6:  Creative Writing (no class Wednesdays)

During this semester, writing assignments will be given via written handouts with instructions.  They may be daily or over several days.

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