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Week of December 12, 2022 I let go of what I can't change and do my best with with what I can

Fifth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2 Monday: The Art of Claymation Tuesday: How Do Animators make 2D appear 3D? Wednesday: *******No Class ******** Thursday: Layering to add depth! Friday: *****Early Release*****

Sixth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1 Monday: What is Stop Motion? Tuesday: Painting with Light

Wednesday: *******No Class ******** Thursday: Adding Texture to Animation Friday: *****Early Release*****

Seventh Period: Comprehensive Physical Education (Mindfulness) Monday: Stress Fix-Quick Yoga Sequence Tuesday: What are the things you CAN control in your life? Can't control? Wednesday: *******No Class ******** Thursday: How can we release our worries? Friday: *****Early Release*****

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WEEK OF APRIL 15, 2024.   **Subject to change FRIDAY:  Prom (6-8) LATE WORK IS GRADED AS ZERO unless you have a valid excuse for being late and you email me the night before asking me for an extension

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Note: This Agenda Blog is only an approximate plan of the weekly lesson plans. Changes can and will be made due to unanticipated circumstances and in order to maximize instructional effectiveness. Gov


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