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Week of April 4-10

5th Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: Bookmark Design

Tuesday: Apply Watercolor to bookmark design

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Blackout Poetry

Friday: Blackout Poetry Continued

6th Period: M/S Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: Tie Dye Coffee Filter preparation

Tuesday: Abstract Drawling

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Apply tie dye coffee filter to abstract drawling

Friday: Create a "Glowing Nightscape" using pastels, chalk, and colored pencils.

7th Period: Art Collaboration: Designing Solutions for Art, Work, and Life Honors

Monday: Game Rules final draft.

Tuesday: Game Cards final draft.

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Game Board final draft.

Friday: Board Game Box Final draft.

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