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Micanopy Academy welcomes new building

New grade levels being added to a school in Micanopy means new spaces for incoming students.

Micanopy Academy held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome a new building on campus.

The academy is a public charter school which currently teaches 6th through 11th graders. Three years ago the school board approved the addition of all high school grades.

Next year, the academy will teach 12th graders for the first time in the school's history.

"This gives us space to offer those classes and let all of the students who want a small, more one-on-one environment to be able to come here and do that," Micanopy Academy Principal Tara Lowe-Phillips said.

The new building has two rooms that have the capacity to fit 15 to 25 students. Math and Science will be taught in one room and English will be taught in the other one.


This article was originally published by WCBJ on January 17, 2019.

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