Welcome Back Students!

I'm so excited to see returning students and meet new students at Micanopy Academy! This year will be a great year and I know all of the students couldn't wait to return to school. I know a lot of parents that couldn't wait. Listed below is the first week agenda for all of my classes. After the first week, or unless I change my mind, I will start to write the homework and separate it by classes. Let's start off the school year with a positive mindset!

Week 1(August 12-16):


Alg 1, Pre-Alg, 7th Grade, 6th Grade : Getting to know the students, what to expect from the new year, rules from the school and for my classroom


Alg 1, Pre-Alg, 7th Grade, 6th Grade : If need be, finish up from Monday's agenda. If not, start with the previous year's math requirements.


Alg 1, Pre-Alg, 7th Grade, 6th Grade : If need be, finish up from Tuesday's agenda. If not, introduce the students to online math resources.


Alg 1, Pre-Alg, 7th Grade, 6th Grade : Ask the students about how the resources helped or hurt their understanding of certain topics


Alg 1, Pre-Alg, 7th Grade, 6th Grade : Make sure that the students understand the core standards that will be set for them and start the first lesson.

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