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6th grade:

Monday: Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday: Family Tree Presentations

Wednesday: Continuation, presentations

Thursday: Begin FSA Practice Skills

Friday: Review words of the week for Monday's Quiz and continue with FSA Practice Skills

7th grade:

Monday: Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday: List all Vocabulary words left for the first half of the school year

Wednesday: Work on your words and definitions for Monday's Quiz and Finish Reaction Paper

Thursday: FSA Practice Skills

Friday: FSA Practice Skills and Review for Monday's Quiz

8th grade:

Monday: Vocabulary Quiz

Tuesday Begin Family Tree Presentations

Wednesday: Finish Family Tree Presentations

Thursday: FSA Practice Skills

Friday FSA Practice Skills and Review for Monday's Quiz

9th/10th grades:

Monday: In-class Research

Tuesday: Writing Lab and Research

Wednesday: Writing Lab (Informative Speech Topic) First Draft

Thursday: Turn in Draft and begin FSA SKills

Friday: Review Draft with students and practice for Monday's Informative Speech

11th/12th grades:

Monday: Review Canterbury Tales Answers

Tuesday - Thursday: Grammar and Vocabulary Building, Unit 1 (Complete)

Friday: In-class Writing Lab.


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6th grade: Monday: Test: Vocabulary, Spelling, FSA Explanatory Rubric. Tuesday: Review of Chapters 12-13 pages 346 and 372 Wednesday: Chapter 14, "Complement" page 402 Thursday: Chapter 15, "Agreement

February 24-28

6th grade: Monday: Test (Vocabulary words and FSA Items) Tuesday: FSA Writing Workshop and FSA Self Evaluation in class Wednesday: Grammar Practice (Review Items from previous chapters) Thursday: Gram

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