Week of Sept. 5, 2022

WEEK OF September 6, 2022 **Subject to change due to class progress

Period 1: English 9/10


Tuesday: Handout ARGUMENT essay topics. Review essay outlines and writing processes. Begin work on GRADED ARGUMENT essay. Use the writing checklist – spelling and grammar will be highly scrutinized.

Wednesday: Finalize essay and turn in. Give Vocab: Reprieve, Emaciated, Execute, Decisive, Din. GRADED HOMEWORK: Write part of speech and definition; use in a sentence.

Thursday: RESOURCE HANDOUT: MEMOIRS. Read aloud, “from Night.”

Friday: GRADED Classroom Discussion about text p. 68.

Period 2: ELA 6

Monday: HOLIDAY.

Tuesday: Redone essays are due Tuesday morning. We will go over the VERB worksheet done on Friday.

Wednesday: GRADED Reading Comprehension exercise.

Thursday: Review and practice with nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. GRADED Homework: Re-do the worksheet return.

Friday: Review author’s purpose and point of view. Preview and read aloud, “What’s so Funny, Mr. Scieszka.” Text p. 32.

Period 3: Literacy


Tuesday: “Gift of the Magi” essays due Tuesday morning. Vocabulary from Gift of the Magi (highlighted words). GRADED: Write part of speech and definition.

Wednesday: Read aloud and dissect “The Fun They Had” with GRADED discussion.

Thursday: GRADED exercise with author’s purpose and evidence.

Friday: Dialogue Punctuation Discussion and GRADED worksheets.

Period 4: English 11/12

Monday: HOLIDAY.

Tuesday – Friday. We will be discussions Ethnographies, their requirements, paperwork, and concepts. This week, students will be GRADED on participation, a vocabulary quiz of terms, and draft of Statement of Intent. The ethnography will be a project lasting several weeks.

Period 5: ELA 7

Monday: HOLIDAY.

Tuesday: Correlative Conjunctions, Text pg. 31, GRADED Group work.

Wednesday: Begin Folktales and Humor in writing, Text p. 33. Preview and read aloud, “Two Legs or One.” GRADED Vocabulary Homework: scurry, procession, dignified, upright. Write type of speech and definition.

Thursday: GRADED Pairs work, Text, pg. 38.

Friday: GRADED: Write a short folktale and include ALL the vocabulary words. Due the following Monday.

Period 6: Law

Monday: HOLIDAY.

Tuesday – Friday. We will review the business plan section: Market Opportunity and Strategy. This week, the student will research the market for that student’s selected business. GRADED: By the end of class on Friday, the student will submit that section of the business plan and include industry trends, target market, barriers to entry, key competition, and marketing/advertising strategy.

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