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Week of October 31st -November 4th Weekly Affirmation: I can control my own happiness!

Fifth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2

Monday: Self Portrait: Tim Burton Style

Tuesday: Self Portrait: Tim Burton Style Cont’d

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Finish Fall Branch using “Wet on Dry” technique

Friday: Fall Leaf: Choose background, draw, and fill-in with Zentangle.

Sixth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: Who is Tim Burton?

Tuesday: What is Tim Burton’s Style?

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Using Different Brush Strokes: Autumn Botanicals

Friday: Using Different Brush Strokes: Autumn Botanicals Cont’d

Seventh Period: Comprehensive Physical Education (Mindfulness)

Monday: Revisiting Sun Salutation

Tuesday: Guided Meditation Though Story Telling/ Moon Salutation/Journaling on Contentment

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Outdoor Activity: How do you stay positive in stressful situations?

Friday: Building Self-esteem Meditation/ Sun Salutation/Journaling on Contentment

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