Week of October 31st -November 4th Weekly Affirmation: I can control my own happiness!

Fifth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2

Monday: Self Portrait: Tim Burton Style

Tuesday: Self Portrait: Tim Burton Style Cont’d

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Finish Fall Branch using “Wet on Dry” technique

Friday: Fall Leaf: Choose background, draw, and fill-in with Zentangle.

Sixth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: Who is Tim Burton?

Tuesday: What is Tim Burton’s Style?

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Using Different Brush Strokes: Autumn Botanicals

Friday: Using Different Brush Strokes: Autumn Botanicals Cont’d

Seventh Period: Comprehensive Physical Education (Mindfulness)

Monday: Revisiting Sun Salutation

Tuesday: Guided Meditation Though Story Telling/ Moon Salutation/Journaling on Contentment

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Outdoor Activity: How do you stay positive in stressful situations?

Friday: Building Self-esteem Meditation/ Sun Salutation/Journaling on Contentment

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Note: This Agenda Blog is only an approximate plan of the weekly lesson plans. Changes can and will be made due to unanticipated circumstances and in order to maximize instructional effectiveness. 2nd