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Week of October 18 - October 22

1st Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: SF reminders //Start Ch 3.4 notes

Tuesday: Finish Ch 3.4 notes // start worksheets 3.4

Wednesday: Ch 3.5 notes // cell color sheet

Thursday: Ch 3.5 notes // Ch 3.5 worksheet

Friday: Worksheet catch-up day // SF question and answer time

2nd Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Periodic table scavenger hunt // Periodic table coloring

Tuesday: STAR periodic table breakdown video

Wednesday: Periodic table bingo // review

Thursday: Chapter review

Friday: Worksheet review

3rd Period: Planning

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Weekly weather guide // Start Ch 12.4 notes

Tuesday: Finish Ch 12.4 notes // worksheet 12.4

Wednesday: Ch 12.5 notes // worksheet 12.5

Thursday: Ch 12.6 notes // worksheet 12.6

Friday: Worksheet Catch up day

5th Period: Family & Cons. Sciences

Monday: Cooking basics intro

Tuesday: Cooking prep

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Cooking basics cont

Friday: Cooking basics cont

6th Period: STEM / Study Hall

Monday: Study Hall

Tuesday: Tinker Tuesday

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Study Hall

Friday: Fun Friday Schedule - no class

7th Period: Planning

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