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Week of October 16 - October 20

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****

Late work will be graded as a ZERO. If you have an excused absence, you are responsible to bring the homework you missed the day you return to school (follow this Agenda blog). Email me if you have any questions about the work.


1st Period: Geometry Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Continue L2-5 Examples 3-5

--> HW due Thursday: Pg 109-110 #9,11,12,14,18

Wednesday: Review the homework from last week

--> HW Due Friday: Angle Relationship worksheet (Show work or no credit)

Thursday: Module 2 Review

Friday: Module 2 Test

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Vocab quiz EOC words 56-60 ; Pre/roots: 10& 11 // Amoeba Sisters Intro to cells and WS

-->Quiz Next Monday: EOC Words 61-80

--> Worksheet due by Thursday if not completed in class

Wednesday: Ch 7 PowerPoint // Videos // Science Fair Report

--> Complete EOC packet HW due by next Monday

Thursday: Microscopes // Diffusion Lab or Wet mount Lab

Friday: Cell Project Due // EOC packet

Ch 7 test Next Tuesday

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: L2-2 Example 1-3 // Review HW Pg 85 #1-8

--> HW Due Thursday: Properties of Algebra review Worksheet and coordinate plane worksheet

Wednesday: L2-2 Ex 4,6,7 // Individual Ex 5 (knowledge check) // Groups CW: Pg 86 12-18 (evens); pg 87 #20,21, 24

--> HW Due Friday: Pg 86 #13-19 (odds); Pg 87 #22,23, 25

Thursday: L2-2 Quiz Review

Friday: Review HW// L2-2 Quiz

4th Period: Personal Finance

Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: FAFSA videos and notes

Wednesday: Learning about Federal Financial Aid// Worksheet

--> Unfinished work due Wednesday

Thursday: FAFSA Scenario group work

Friday: Review of FAFSA

5th Period: EMR Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Respiratory Emergencies - COPD // Anaphylaxis // Syncope

Wednesday: Section 4 Review

Thursday: Section 4 Test

Friday: Intro to Backboard

7th Period: Research Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: Algebra and Geometry review

Friday: Pep Rally

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