Week of 5/3-5/7

This is subject to change if I feel as though the students are proficient or not at these topics

Algebra 1:

Monday- The class will go over their quizzes and start on their EOC training worksheet #1 which will be homework if it is not finished.

Tuesday- The class will get the answers to the EOC worksheet and we will go over any problems if need be.

Wednesday- The class will be given another EOC worksheet that will be due on Friday due to FSA reading.

Thursday- The remaining students not doing the FSA will continue with their EOC worksheet and any questions.

Friday- The class will reconvene and we will go over the answers to the EOC worksheet #2


Monday- The students will be given an EOC review packet that we will go over on Tuesday.

Tuesday- We will go over the review packet and see if there are any questions on it. The students will then be given a new review packet that will be due on Friday.

Wednesday- FSA reading

Thursday- FSA reading.

Friday- We will reconvene and go over some of the issues with any problems

7th Grade Math:

Monday- The class will start on box and whisker plot.

Tuesday- We will review box and whisker plots for the quiz on Wednesday

Wednesday- Quiz on Box and Whisker plot.

Thursday- The class will start on FSA training for their FSA. The students will receive a FSA worksheet that will need to be finished by Friday.

Friday- We will go over the FSA training worksheet and any questions on it.

6th Grade Math:

Monday- We will start on adding integers. The homework will be a worksheet on it.

Tuesday- We will start on subtracting integers. The homework will be another worksheet on it.

Wednesday- We will review over adding and subtracting integers. The quiz will be Thursday.

Thursday- Quiz on Adding and Subtracting Integers.

Friday- We will start FSA training for the 6th grade math.


Monday- We will continue with EOC Bootcamp with another worksheet that will be due on Tuesday.

Tuesday - We will go over the answers to the EOC Bootcamp worksheet and go over any questions on it.

Wednesday-We will have a self reflection of Geometry where the students will have an open forum about how geometry went this year and what to expect from the EOC.

Thursday- The class will go to the board and do some EOC trivia/jeopardy

Friday- Mock EOC

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