Week of 4/11/22

Week of 4/11/2022

6th Grade: ELA

Monday: Spectrum WKBK- Writing- pgs 86-93 Research on States. The teacher will read and guide students with the day’s assignment.

Tuesday: Continue assignment from yesterday. Pgs 90-93 Teacher these assigned pages with students from last week. Writing Practice Spectrum WK Chapter 3 Lesson 10 Informational Writing Pages 82-89

Wednesday: ELA WkBk Spectrum pgs. 84-89

Thursday: Day 2 WkBk Spectrum pgs. 87-89

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

Grade 7

Monday: Read with students and Spectrum WKBK pgs 90-98 Graphs/Visual aides/Organizing Notes

Tuesday: Day 2- Complete the essay as described with grammatically well-written sentences. 5 Paragraphs

Wednesday: ELA WkBk pgs. 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80 Lessons on Chap 2 Review and the 2.5 Lesson on Commas.

Thursday- Complete the lesson 2.5 on Commas in ELA Wkbk pgs 77-80

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

Grade 8

Monday: Spectrum WKBK pgs.90-98 Complete exercise modeling and guiding students

Tuesday: Day 2- Complete the essay as described with grammatically well-written sentences. 5 Paragraphs

Wednesday: ELA Spectrum Lesson Chapter Review 2 pgs 75-76 Lesson 2.5 Commas lesson 2.6 pgs 77- 80

Thursday: Make-up day for 8th grade

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

8th Grade Reading

Monday: Harriet Tubman pgs 556-570 Read Story with students and complete all the questions.

Tuesday: Complete the questions on pg.556-570, for “Harriet Tubman” Once this assignment is complete, Begin The People Could Fly pg.573-578 Complete questions: 1-6

Wednesday: Review with students and begin the Quick write for “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”

Thursday: Complete from the previous day “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

Grade 9/10

Monday: The Pit and the Pendulum pg 559-575 Answer all the questions on pages 575 1-8 except for readers notebook # 5

Question # 6 requires e pieces of evidence, and 7 requires a 3 paragraph essay. Question 8 is a 5 paragraph essay-

Tuesday: Day 2 of The Pit and The Pendulum. The student will read and begin the questions on page 575

Wednesday: One Pager -EDGAR ALLEN POE; An Author Study

Thursday: Students will complete the one-pager and the questions for this week’s reading assignments The Pit and The Pendulum

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

Grade 11/12

Monday: Complete the Inquiry and Research Essay from last week. This assignment was extended. Commonwealth and Restoration. On pg 533

Tuesday: Day 1 - Read with students: pg 1108-1111. Poetry Unit 6 Pt2 Shocking Realities

Wednesday: day 2 complete the essay on page 1111 on Connect to life question #8

Thursday:one-pager - using the poems found in the EOL text: “The Irish Airman Foresees His Death, The Dreamer and the Soldier”: Students will complete a one-pager on the realities of War.

Friday: No School- Easter Holiday

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