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Week of 10/31-11/4

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Please check daily as I make frequent changes:


on youtube search "how to make a graph in google sheets" there are hundreds of resources on how to do this as well as the videos on google classroom. You will be copying and pasting the graph made in google sheets onto your report in google docs (if that is the program you are using). You may also utilize Microsoft excel if you have it purchased.


M: Ch 10 exam

T: Science fair revisions

W: FINAL science report draft DUE online google classroom at 10 pm

Th: Science fair report due printed beginning of class // Begin ch 11

F: Continue ch 11

Lesson 3-6

Lesson 3-6
Download PDF • 5.78MB

Algebra 9A:

M: Finish 3-5 // HW#14 due

T: 3-6 // HW#15 due

W: Finish 3-6

Th: HW#16 due // Exam review

F: Exam 3

Algebra 9B:

M: HW#15 due // Begin lesson 3-6

T: Finish 3-6

W: Finish 3-6

Th: HW#16 due // Exam review

F: Exam 3


M: Begin ch 6 ppt

T: Directional Anatomy

W: Ch 5 vocab quiz // Respiratory System

Th: Circulatory system

F: Skeletal system

Forensic Science:

M: Ch 5 exam

T: Escape room section 5

W: No class

Th: Escape room section 5

F: Escape room section 5

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