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Week 8 Sept 30- Oct 3

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Start 3.3 slideshow // Scavenger hunt periodic table

Tuesday: Finish 3.3 slide show // worksheet

Wednesday: Start 3.4 slideshow

Thursday: Finish 3.4 slide show // worksheet

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Pre fix/roots // Review worksheet packet //

Tuesday: Chapter review pg. 88 # 1-10, 15, 17-22

Wednesday: Go over chapter review

Thursday: Chapter 3 test

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

3rd Period: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: Why do we need formulas discussion? //Formulas pg. 14- 16 # 10-15

Tuesday: Formulas con’t pg 17 # 1-5 // HW Pg. 18-19 #6-10

Wednesday: Review homework

Thursday: Word problem & formulas test

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Review Worksheet packet

Tuesday: Chapter 11 review pg

Wednesday: Go over Chapter review

Thursday: Chapter 11 Test

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Vocab Chapter 3

Tuesday: Chapter 3.1 & 3.2 slide show

Wednesday: ****early release ***** worksheets

Thursday: Chapter 3.3 slide show

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

6th Period: STEM/Study Hall

Monday: Math Monday

Tuesday: Tech box Tuesday

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Think day Thursday

Friday: Fun day (if earned) Friday

7th Period: Agricultural

Monday: presentation cont. from last week // outside work

Tuesday: Tool Jeopardy

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Tool test

Friday: No School – UF Homecoming

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