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Week 3 - August 30-September 3

3rd Period: 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra


Monday Continue Word Problems. Page 1, Cpt 0-1, #1-6

Tuesday Absolute Value & Addition of Integers Page 2, 1-16

Wednesday Addition and Subtraction of Integers Page 3 & 4, Select problems

Thursday Multiplication and Division of Integers Page 5, 1-18

Friday Assessment - Word Problems and Integers Reinforcement if necessary

4th Period: 7th Grade Math


Monday Continue Word Problems Page 1, Cpt 0-1, #1-6

Tuesday Review Place Value; Estimating None

Wednesday Estimating, continued Page 2, Cpt 0-2, Even only

Thursday Review 2-digit Multiplication; Multiply Decimals Page 3, Cpt 0-3, Even only

Friday Multiply by Powers of 10 Unfinished classwork

5th Period: 6th Grade Math


Monday Continue Word Problems Page 1, Cpt 0-1, #1-6

Tuesday Addition and Subtraction of Decimals Page 2, Cpt 0-2, Odd Only

Wednesday Review Fractions TBD

Thursday Add & Subtract Fractions-like denominators Page 3, Cpt 0-3, Select prob.

Friday Add & Subtract Fractions-unlike denominators Unfinished classwork

6th Period: Geometry


Monday Midpoint of a Segment Hwk 2, Pg 1, Seg. Add Post.

Tuesday Distance Formula; Review Midpoint Work Hwk 2, Pg 2, Seg Add Post

Wednesday Quiz - Points, Lines, Planes, Segment Add Post Redo incorrect Quiz answers

Thursday Distance & Midpoint Formulas; Endpoints Homework 4, Odd Only

Friday Distance & Midpoint Formulas Partner Activity

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