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Week 3: 8/30-9/3

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Root Words #2 /Review Ch 1 Test/ What is life? notes

Tuesday: Root Words #1 & 2/Chapter 2 section 1 Notes: Chemistry PP/Science Fair Discussion

Wednesday: Root Words #1 &2 Review/ Root Words #1 & 2 Quiz/Chapter 2 section 2: Water PP

Thursday: EOC Vocab/ Continue Water PP. Homework: Water Worksheet

Friday: EOC Vocab review/ Chapter 2 section3: Macromolecules PP

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Warm-Ups/ One-Step Integers

Tuesday: Warm-Ups/ Review Order of Operations, 1 and 2 step equations, and combining like-terms

Wednesday: Warm-Up/ Quiz

Thursday: Warm-Up/ Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 Using Variables /Exponents and Order of Operations/Google Classroom Homework

Friday: Warm-Up/Chapter 1.3 and 1.4

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: Eco-Data/ Night On Earth/ Homework: Google Classroom Questions*due Wednesday

Tuesday: Eco-Data/Surface Tension lab Pg 26-27

Wednesday: Eco-Data/floating/Group reading

Thursday: Eco-Data/Chapter 2, Questions

Friday: Eco-Data/ Chapter 1&2 Vocabulary/Quiz

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