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Week 3.3: February 8 - February 12

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Chp 9.2 notes // worksheets

Tuesday: Finish 9.2 notes

Wednesday:Dumpsheet test ( seasons box) // finish worksheets

Thursday: Chapter 9.3 notes

Friday: Chapter 9 vocab test // 9.3 worksheets

2nd Period: Biology

Monday:Genetic Variation notes // EOC pg 29

Tuesday: Inheritance notes // Amoeba Sister Videos

Wednesday: EOC words # 121 - 140 test // finish notes

Thursday: EOC pages 30-32

Friday: EOC page review

3rd Period: Language Arts Math 1 & 2

Monday: Value of expression notes // worksheet practice

Tuesday: Expression worksheets // HW worksheet

Wednesday: Worksheet Practice

Thursday: Worksheet review with the class

Friday: Expression test

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter 2 vocab words

Tuesday: Start Chp. 2.1 notes // Worksheet 2.1

Wednesday: Chapter 2.2 & 2.3 notes

Thursday: Worksheet 2.2 & 2.3

Friday: Chapter 2 vocab test // Finish notes

5th Period: Agricultural / Zoology

Monday: Ch 9 notes cont // review packet

Tuesday: Ch 9 notes cont // Vocab test

Wednesday: *** no class***

Thursday: Ch 9 notes cont // review packet

Friday: go over review packet

6th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter 9.3 notes // Chapter 9.4 notes

Tuesday:Worksheet 9.3 and 9.4 // HW if not done

Wednesday: Review worksheets

Thursday: Chapter review // go over at end of class

Friday: Chapter 9 test

7th Period: Planning

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