Week 22: 1/31 - 2/4

Weekly Blog

***Weekly blog is subject to changes throughout the week based on class progress***

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: EOC Words 21-40/ Chapter 14.1(Pg 379) & 14.2 (Pg 385) End of Section Assessments

Tuesday: EOC Words 21-40/ Review End of Section Assessments for Chapter 14/ Quick game for chapter 14

Wednesday: Review EOC Packet/Quick video about genetics

Thursday: EOC Vocabulary quiz 21-40/ EOC Test review (Quizizz

Friday: EOC Practice Test # 3

3rd Period: Algebra 1

Monday: Systems of Equations by Graphing/ Hw #1

Tuesday: Review Hw #1—Turn in/ Systems of Equations by Substitution/ Hw #2

Wednesday: Graphing Vs. Substitution Practice

Thursday: Review Hw #2—Turn in/I (Heart) Systems of Equations (Color and cut)

Friday: Turn in Unit 5 Notes Packet/Unit 5-1 Quiz

4th Period: Marine Biology

Monday: How Much Plastic is in your bag? (Groups)/Clean up and evaluate outside for Plastic

Tuesday: Split into groups/Begin planning sculptures/Collect Plastic pieces

Wednesday: Plastic Pollution Activities

Thursday: Plastic Wars (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dk3NOEgX7o)

Friday: Plastic Wars Quiz

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