Week 2: August 19 - 23

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

1st Period: 6th Grade World History

  • Monday: Anthropology Terms Code Breaker 2 + Language Sources

  • Tuesday: Archeological Excavation Activity

  • Wednesday: Finish Archeological Excavation Activity // // Preview table of contents, look at text features, vocabulary words, etc. of our MyWorld History textbook // Read “Mary Leakey: Exploring the Stone Age” pg. 55 // Begin reading Chapter 1, Section 1 pg. 58

  • Thursday: Complete Chapter 1, Section 1 Assessment pg. 63. , review answers together and make corrections as needed. Carbon Dating // Complete penny activity together in groups //

  • Friday: Friday: Read Chapter 1, Section 3: Populating the Earth pg. 68 and complete Section 3 Assessment

2nd Period: 7th Grade Civics

  • Monday: Binder Handout: Civics EOC Grade Calculations - to be signed and clipped into binder by Friday // “Who Rules?” iCivics lesson

  • Tuesday: Continue working on "Who Rules?" iCivics Packet // Flocabulary video on different forms of government with review questions

  • Wednesday: Begin watching Inside North Korea: Then and Now & take notes

  • Thursday: Finish the N.K. documentary and discuss // Venn diagram contrasting N.K vs. U.S.A due by end of period

  • Friday: Binder Check #2: organization + parent signatures // Forms of Government Quiz (based on "Who Rules?" packet

3rd Period: 6/7th Grade Advanced Reading

  • Monday: Silent Reading // Begin Bottom of the Ninth Flocabulary Packet (Due Friday)

  • Tuesday: Silent Reading // Finish “Rikki-tikki-tavi” // Making Meanings pg. 19 # 1- 8, skip 4

  • Wednesday: Sustained Silent Reading

  • Thursday: Silent Reading // Read “Snake Patrol” pg. 11 & “The Dinner Party” pg. 17 // Reading Check pg. 19 - whole class // Review Vocab words

  • Friday: Vocab Test // Silent Reading

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