Sept. 16-20

6th grade:

Monday: Present current event

Tuesday: Reading Workshop: Pages 18-26

Wednesday: Writing Workshop: Pages 27-44

Thursday: Writing Workshop: Pages 27-44 (Continuation)

Friday: Spelling and Vocabulary Test

7th grade:

Monday: Present current event

Tuesday: Reading Workshop: Reading an Eyewitness Account: Pages 18-26

Wednesday: Writing Workshop (Eyewitness account) Page 27-43

Thursday: Continuation of writing workshop

Friday: Spelling and Vocabulary Test

8th grade:

Monday: Current Event Presentation

Tuesday: Reading a Personal Narrative (Pages 18-26)

Wednesday: Writing Workshop (Pages 27-43)

Thursday: Continuation of Writing Workshop

Friday: Selling and Vocabulary Test

9th/10th grades:

Monday: Begin analysis of the short story "The Scarlet Ibis"

Tuesday: Continue analysis and compare to the Poem "Invictus"

Wednesday: Reading Workshop: Description of a Place (Pages: 18-28)

Thursday: Writing Workshop: (Description of a Place (29-45)

Friday: Test: Items from the week (See Study Guide)


Monday: Geographic and Historic Origins of the Epic "Beowulf"

Tuesday: Analysis of "Beowulf" Continuation pages 36-39

Wednesday: Analysis of "Beowulf" - The Battle with Grendel Continuation, pages 40-44

Thursday: Analysis of "Beowulf" - Grendel's Mother and the Battle with Grendel's Mother, pages 45-51

Friday: Test: Analysis of Beowulf (Sections covered this week) - See Study Guide.

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