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Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, 2019


MON: Begin LAFS Unit 3 Lesson 10: Parts 1-3 p.93-97. Read and discuss together.

TUE: LAFS Unit 3 Lesson 10: Parts 4-5 p.98-99. Read and discuss together.

WED: Worksheets - Word Wisdom 26-31. Bring dictionary.

THUR: LAFS Unit 3 Lesson 11: Parts 1-3 p.103-105. Read and discuss together.

FRI: LAFS Unit 3 Lesson 10: Parts 4 P.106-110. Read and discuss together.

Students who have an F or D may have to stay inside at recess and/or PE to complete missing work.


Work on yearbook pages.

Come up with a title for the book.

Take photos.

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