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Oct 21- 25

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Review 4.1 &4.2 worksheets // Start 4.3 slide show

Tuesday: Finish 4.3 slide show // worksheet 4.3 & Ionic compound practice

Wednesday: Finish Ionic compound practice worksheet and review

Thursday: “Brain dump” periodic table // start chapter review.

Friday: Science Fair paper/board/presentation work day

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Chapter 5 Vocab Words // Prefix-root words

Tuesday: Chapter 5.1 & 5.2 Slide shows

Wednesday: Worksheet packet 5.1&5.2

Thursday: Worksheet packet review // start chapter review

Friday: Science Fair paper/board/presentation work day

3rd Period: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: Chapter 1.4 lesson proportional reasoning pg 20

Tuesday: Chapter 1.4 cont. pg 22 # 10

Wednesday: Application review pg 24 # 13-15

Thursday: pg 25-27 # 1-12

Friday: Finish book work and review answers

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Start 12.5 power point // Worksheet 12.5

Tuesday: Start 12.6 power point // Worksheet 12.6

(HW chapter review pg. 459-460 # 1-7,9-15 pg461 # 1-6)

Wednesday: Review all worksheets and chapter review

Thursday: Cloud lab

Friday: Chapter 12 test

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Worksheet review – Mitosis/ Start Organelles flash cards

Tuesday: Organelle matching game with flash cards // sart chapter review pg 133-135 #1-4,6-16,18-21,1-6

Wednesday: ****early release ***** Finish Chapter review

Thursday: Go over chapter review and all remaining worksheets

Friday: Chapter 4 test

6th Period: STEM/Study Hall

Monday: Monday Math

Tuesday: Tech box Tuesday

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Think day Thursday

Friday: Friday Fun day

7th Period: Agricultural

Monday: Outside planting

Tuesday: Outside work // garden prep

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Outside work

Friday: Outside work

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