Nov 8-12, 2021

3rd Period: 8th Grade Math/Pre-Algebra

8th Grade will continue working on Expressions and Functions

as we analyze tables and graphs and prepare to translate these to equations


Monday Partner/Group Activities, creating tables and graphs Complete unfinished work

Tuesday 2-2, Analyze Tables HW Bklt, 2-2B, pg 33

Wednesday 2-2 Analyze Tables (cont) HW Bklt, 2-2B, pg 34

Thursday No School

Friday No School

4th Period: 7th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Beginning Linear Equations - Addition and Subtraction


Monday Problem Solving - Working Backwards

Tuesday 3-1, Solving Add/Sub Equations with Bar graphs Pg 147, 3-9

Wednesday Solving 1-step Add/Sub Equations NA

Thursday No School

Friday No School

5th Period: 6th Grade Math

Topic for the Week: Measures of Central Tendency


Monday Chapter 2 Test. “Mean” activity Find the mean of the last 5 grades

Tuesday Central Tendency - Mean “Are you Ready” for Chapter 3?

Wednesday 3-1, Spreadsheets and Mean Unfinished classwork

Thursday No School

Friday No School

6th Period: Geometry

Topic for the Week: Aleks


Monday Aleks - Homework #2 assigned. Due 11/10/21

Tuesday Aleks

Wednesday Aleks in computer lab

Thursday Aleks


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