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May 8th-12th

Fifth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2 Monday: Bead Art Tuesday: Bead Art cont'd Wednesday: *****No Class ***** Thursday: Finish Popsicle Canvas Friday: Art in the Park!

Sixth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1 Monday: Bracelet Making Tuesday: Bracelet Making Cont'd Wednesday: *****No Class ***** Thursday: Free Choice: Use the skills you've learned this year to create an art piece. Friday: Art in the Park!

Seventh Period: Comprehensive Physical Education (Mindfulness) Monday: Fill Your Cup Yoga Tuesday: Floor Yoga Wednesday: *****No Class ***** Thursday: Yoga for the Mind! Friday: Yoga in the Park!

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WEEK OF NOVEMBER 27, 2023. **Subject to change LATE WORK WILL BE GRADED AS ZERO. BE RESPONSIBLE. If you have a valid excuse for not turning something in, you MUST email me the night before and ask

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