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March 2-6....We are in the home stretch now!

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter 11 Vocab words // sentences // Brain dump Practice

Tuesday: Start chapter 11 notes // Temp. conversions worksheet

Wednesday: Notes Con’t // worksheets packet

Thursday: Finish notes // Worksheet packet review

Friday: Chapter 11 Vocab test // “Dump Off”

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: Extended time with Mr. Washington

Tuesday: EOC test corrections

Wednesday: Evolution // natural selection notes

Thursday: Con’t notes // EOC page 46-47

Friday: EOC Vocab Test 101-120

3rd Period: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: Payroll math worksheet

Tuesday: Student teacher

Wednesday: Hands on math // catch up

Thursday: Payroll math con’t // taxes

Friday: Payroll worksheets con’t

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter 2 vocab words

Tuesday: Start reading Ch. 2.1 // start notes

Wednesday: Con’t notes 2.1 // start worksheet.

Thursday: Worksheets 2.1 // go over worksheet

Friday: Chapter 1 Test

5th Period: Agricultural

Monday: outdoor prep

Tuesday: Garden fence

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Planting

Friday: Mr. Johnson fun day

6th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Review worksheets // Test review

Tuesday: Chapter 7 Test

Wednesday: ****early release ***** Chapter 8 Vocab words

Thursday: 8.1 Notes // Worksheet (hw if not finished)

Friday: Worksheet review // Start 8.2 notes

7th Period: Planning

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