Mar. 8-12, 2021


MON: Read "Near Death on A Football Field" ws p.47-53. Read and discuss. Do parts together. Reading comprehension. Work on BOOK REPORT - for HOMEWORK.

TUE: Compare and contrast 3 stories from "The Wildside" series. Complete chart ws p.54. Work in pairs.

WED: Study Island/ Vocabulary packet.

THU: Study Island/ Vocabulary packet.

FRI: Vocabulary packet. BOOK REPORT DUE. (This is a test grade.)


MON: Continue Student presentations. Take notes for a grade.

TUE: Continue Student presentations. Take notes for a grade.

THU: Bernini - Presentation.

FRI: Bernini - Presentation/Art project.


MON: Work on Yearbook.

TUE: Work on Yearbook.

THU: Work on Yearbook.

FRI: Work on Yearbook.

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