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Jan 7-10 Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a great break! We are going to be hitting the ground running coming back this week!

1st Period: 8th Grade Science

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Chapter 7 Vocab words // Start slide slow //Prep-Work, Read 7.1

Wednesday: Review prep-work // Con’t Slide show

Thursday: Worksheets // Section 2 slide show cont

Friday: Formula practice

2nd Period: Biology

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Mitosis vs. Meiosis // EOC pg 26 & 27 // Prep work EOC flashcards #

Wednesday: Mitosis & Meiosis group poster

Thursday: Chapter 9 slide show

Friday: Chpater 9 cont.

3rd Period: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Meal Planning Discussion // Prep and outline

Wednesday: Meal Planning Prep con’t

Thursday: Meal Planning Prep

Friday: Meal Planning Presentations

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Chapter 15 Vocab Flash Cards // Start 15.1 slide show

Wednesday: Finish 15.1 slide show // Worksheet (prep work if not finished)

Thursday: Review worksheet // start 15.2 slideshow

Friday: Finish 15.2 // Worksheet 15.2

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Chapter 5 Vocab Words and Flashcards (prep work if not finished)

Wednesday: ****early release ***** Chapter 5 discussion warm up

Thursday: Start 5.1 slide show// worksheet 5.1 (prep work if not finished)

Friday: Review prep-work // start 5.2

6th Period: STEM/Study Hall

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Study Hall

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Study Hall

Friday: STEM Day activity

7th Period: Agricultural

Monday: NO School

Tuesday: Start Dairy Cow Identification Slide show // notes

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Outside Garden work

Friday: Slide show con’t // notes

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