Jan. 11-15, 2021


MON: Read "Mass Media" p. 204-5, and Text Structures p.341-343. Write a 1 paragraph spatial order description of a room in your house. Start at 1 point and work your way around.

TUE: Study Island Online / Alpha-biography T-Z. (2 groups - will switch on Wednesday.)

WED: Study Island Online / Alpha-biography T-Z.

THU: Read "Hurricanes" in the red book - p. 194-203. Read and discuss.

FRI: Do questions and chart p. 201-03.

ALL LATE WORK will receive HALF Credit.


MON: Watch video about ROME. Paint objects for installation project.

TUE: Watch video about Michelangelo. Paint objects for installation project.

THU: Installation project.

FRI: Installation project.


MON---FRIDAY: Work on Yearbook pages/ dance. Use this week for make-up work.

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