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Feb. 8-12, 2021


MON: Read "Rosa Parks" (Red Glencoe Reader Bk) pg.212-217. Write a letter to Mrs. Parks. Discuss.

TUE: Answer the comprehension questions on p. 217. Do Writing Response #1 p. 323 for FSA practice.

WED: Study Island in Labs for Reading/Writing Improvement. Rosa Parks Worksheets.

THU: Rosa Parks Worksheets. Sojourner Truth worksheets and questions. Read "And Ain't I a Woman" speech. Discuss.

FRI: Dr. MLK worksheets on Non-Violence and read "I Have a Dream" Speech. Discuss.


MON: Art decorations for the dance.

TUE: Art decorations for the dance.

THU: Art decorations for the dance.

FRI: Decorate for the Dance.


MON: Essay - due Friday.

TUE: Work on Yearbook/essay.

THU: Work on Yearbook/essay.

FRI: Work on Yearbook/essay.

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