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Feb. 22-25, 2022


MON: No School.

TUE: Make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting "Sister, Brother" story to the "River Keepers" magazine articles. Work with table groups. Pick 2 other stories in the book and make a second Venn diagram. Finish for Homework.

WED: Read "What is Climate?" p.232-238. Do questions p.239-240. Complete a graphic organizer.

THU: FSA Prep: "Woodrow Wilson" p.114-116. Discuss and review.

FRI: FSA Prep: "Cosmetic Laser Surgery" p.64-65. Discuss and review.


MON: No School.

TUE: Work on newsletter and Yearbook.

THU: Work on newsletter and Yearbook.

FRI: Work on newsletter and Yearbook.

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