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Feb 10-14

Feb 10-14

1stPeriod: 8th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter review Pg 337 #1-4,6-14,16-18,1-5

Tuesday: Go over chapter review & worksheets

Wednesday: Chapter 6 test

Thursday: Movie

Friday: Start vocab words ch 10 // dump review.

2ndPeriod: Biology

Monday: Mutation Movie

Tuesday: Finish Movie

Wednesday: notes on the brain lobes and what they do// worksheets

Thursday: movie

Friday: Brain and CNS con’t

3rdPeriod: Liberal Arts Math

Monday: Pg 567 #1-5 & pg 570 # 1-8

Tuesday: Student teachers

Wednesday: pg 575 to 582 #1-20

Thursday: Movie

Friday: Student teaching

4thPeriod: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Chapter 1 vocab words (HW if not completed)

Tuesday: Chapter 1.1 notes // worksheets

Wednesday: Chapter 1.1 videos // start 1.2 notes

Thursday: Movie

Friday: 1.2 worksheets // review 1.1 & 1.2 notes

5th Period: Agricultural

Monday: Shed Construction

Tuesday: Shed Construction // replant

Wednesday: No class

Thursday: Shed construction

Friday: Seed separate and replant

6th Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Go over chapter review // go over worksheets

Tuesday: Chapter 6 test

Wednesday: ****early release ***** Chapter 7 Vocab

Thursday: Movie

Friday: Start chapter 7 overview & notes

7th Period: Planning

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