Back to Work 3/29- 4/2

This is subject to change if I feel as though the students are proficient or not at these topics Algebra 1: Monday- Start on factoring polynomials with GCF (Greatest common factor). The homework will be a worksheet. Tuesday- Finish up on factoring polynomials and prepare for the writing FSA. The homework will be Pg 385, 11-23 Wednesday- Review of factoring polynomials for quiz on Thursday. Study for the quiz

Thursday- Quiz on factoring polynomials. We will go over the distributive property for Friday Friday- We will prepare for the distributive property. The homework will be a worksheet on it. Pre-Algebra: Monday- Start on solving slope intercept form and how to graph it. The homework will be a worksheet on it. Tuesday- FSA Writing! Wednesday- We will review over slope intercept form for tomorrow's