April 4-8, 2022


MON: Turn in brochures from last Tuesday. Complete vocab packet with "Words With Latin Roots 1". Put words in sentences. Complete for homework.

TUE: Recap info from Writing Workshop. Write 1 paragraph about what you learned and how you will use it.

WED: Essay writing practice. Vocabulary practice "Words From Shakespeare" p.39-41.


FRI: Vocabulary practice "Blends" p. 42-44.

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INTENSIVE READING MON: Holiday. TUE: Greek Roots - ws - p.54-56. (aero, belli, pan) Contest on Friday! WED: FSA Practice problems. Go through together. THU: FSA Practice problems. Go through together.

INTENSIVE READING! MON: Windmills - FSA Practice. Multiple choice. Read and review. TUE: Latin roots (aud, grat, ject) - Vocabulary practice p. 51-53 / Study Island. WED: Latin roots (aud, grat, ject

INTENSIVE READING MON: BOOK REPORTS DUE TODAY! Words with Latin Roots p. 45-48. FSA Practice. Finish for homework. TUE: "Design-A-School" project! Answer questions, make a floor plan, make a brochure.