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3 Advantages of a 6th-12th Grade School

A Micanopy Academy teacher checks in on the work of a student. Students are working independently at tables with pencil and paper.

If you’ve ever stepped inside Micanopy Academy, you sense that our school feels more like a home than just a school building. Everyone knows your name, from teaching staff to students to parents. We spend a lot of time together—our students are with us from 6th grade all the way through the formative years of high school. This sense of family is a powerful benefit of attending our tuition-free middle and high school.

1. A Sense of Belonging

Micanopy Academy students enjoy a sense of belonging knowing that their favorite teachers and friends are around for more than just 3-4 years. Attending a 6th-12th grade school gives students the space and time for meaningful relationships with both peers and teachers to flourish. It’s not uncommon to see Micanopy high school students visiting and checking-in with their middle school teachers–we encourage and seek to grow these connections.

2. Fewer Transitions

By attending a 6th-12th grade school, families have fewer transitions and students get to remain in a safe, developmentally appropriate environment that nurtures students right where they are, suggests a Harvard Education Magazine study. The familiarity of the buildings, scheduling, and the staff gives students confidence and knowledge as they grow. Also—who doesn’t love fewer drop offs when you have multiple kids in school?

Students at Micanopy Academy play a game of club soccer on the outdoor fields. Students are wearing red or blue jerseys.

3. Safer, Smaller Community

The safe community of a 6th-12th building contributes to fewer discipline and behavior problems than a traditional middle or high school. And fewer behavior issues means less time pulled away from academics. Higher grades and greater involvement in extracurriculars like sports and clubs, are a pretty great benefit, too.

When you enroll at Micanopy Academy, you get more than an education, you get a school home that feels like family. We are proud to offer our student-centered education and the benefit of consistent support and mentorship for 7 straight years. Rely on us to help create a secure foundation for your child. We are enrolling now for Fall 2023!

About Micanopy Academy

Micanopy Academy is a 6th-12th grade tuition-free public charter school with limitless compassion for guiding students toward a bright future. With small classes, certified teachers, high standards and personalized learning, we’re growing the minds, hearts and futures of students in Micanopy, Florida. Where will a Micanopy Academy education take you?Enroll today and find out.

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