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Week of September 11, 2023

WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2023. **Subject to change

**** September 14, 2023 – Interim Reports available on Skyward

Period 1: English 3/4

MON: Letter Writing instruction; letter writing activity, finish as homework.

TUES: Letter writing due; “Names/Nombres” short story pre-reading discussion (graded participation), begin vocabulary (group work).

WED: Continue vocabulary work, time permitting, begin reading and discussing story.

THURS & FRI: “Names/Nombres” finish reading and activities.

NOTE: If you are absent for class reading, read the story yourself and summarize what you read. If you are absent for handed out activities, you will need to make them up by the day after you return.

Period 2: Reading/Literature/Film

MON-FRI: “The Aged Mother” post-reading activities (handouts) – group comprehension questions and individual writing (folktale). Participation this week will be graded based upon appropriate focus on the work and behavior.

Period 3: ELA 6th Grade

MON: Re-done story ending due. To, too and two quiz. Subject and verb practice. Worksheet graded. 5 sentences HW.

TUES: Editing and proofing practice. Worksheet graded. 5 sentences HW.

WED: Conjunctions practice and graded worksheet. Homework: Write 5 complete sentences using conjunctions. Underline the conjunction.

THURS: Dialogue quiz.

FRI: “The Wish” by Dahl vocabulary work.

IF YOU ARE ABSENT, see the whiteboard or Mrs. Smith for makeup work.

Period 4: Ethics

MON: Cultural ethics presentations by groups.

TUES: Any remaining cultural ethics presentations by groups; begin ethics in current events reporting.

WED-FRI: Work on Ethics Toolkit (will be graded).

Period 5: Geography / Culture

MON: Discussion (participation graded) about economics connection to geography. Economics vocabulary work.

TUES: Economics vocabulary quiz.

TUES - FRI: Videos, resources, and graded discussion about physical features of geography and graded project.

Period 6: Speech and Debate (no class Wednesdays)

MON - TUES: First Debate Topic Discussion. MOTION: HOMELESS PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ASK FOR MONEY ON PUBLIC STREET CORNERS. Choose teams for debate and divvy up responsibilities. Study for Thursday Quiz.

THURS: Debate Vocabulary Quiz

FRI: Continue to work on debate on your team.

IF YOU ARE ABSENT, watch the videos and write a summary of what you learned about them.

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