Week of October 24, 2022

WEEK OF Oct. 24, 2022 **Subject to change due to class progress

Period 1: English 9/10

MON: GROUP graded vocabulary: uncompromising, incompatibility, prospering, domestic, ominous, craftiness, cunning, persistent, toilsome, picturesque, extremity, inhabitants, concocted, precipice, premonition, shuddered, bondage, alpenstock, proprietor, precipitated, bewildered.

TUES & WED: Read short story, “An Alpine Divorce,” analyze, consider context, theme, plot, literary device of irony; justice. GRADED discussion.

THURS: Quiz on irony. Begin working on individual brochure.

FRI: Continue working on brochure and turn it in.

Period 2: ELA 6

MON - TUES txt. pp. 61-72. Assessments, p. 67 and p. 73 and p. 76.

WED-THURS: GRADED group vocabulary: Verb AND noun: Lace, face, nose, eyes, trace, practice, show, mask, address, wish, water, challenge, clear, steer, gift, spear, stake. (34 words total).

FRI: Argument essay work.

Period 3: Literacy

MON: Chapters 7-9 Vocabulary words #2: impression, perimeter, forlorn, eternity, reluctantly, dawdle, pier, pride, various, shrugged, defective, Madame, litter, horizon, previously, gestured, foul, predatory, radiated.

TUES – FRI: Holes read aloud in class Chapters 7-9 and reading comprehension work. If completed prior to Friday, next chapters’ vocabulary will be done.

Period 4: English 11/12

MON-FRI: Handout and review: Dystopia genre. Read and analyze “2BR02B” (Vonnegut). Read and analyze “To be, or not to be, that is the question” speech by Shakespeare (Hamlet). Compare and contrast short story and speech. Do Assessments.

Period 5: ELA 7

MON - TUES: “The Flight of Icarus,” txt. p. 115. Assessment p. 119 (individual) and p. 120 Group.

WED: Txt, p. 122 assessments. Discuss character mistakes (conflict) leading a series of events. Begin writing myth with the theme of the protagonist’s mistake and plot diagram.

THURS-FRI – Plot diagram due Thursday; writing myths continues

Period 6: Law (no class Wednesdays)

MON - FRI: Continue Unit 3 on morals, ethics, and laws. Research assignment, presentation, and quiz.

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