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Week of November 27 - December 1

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****

Late work will be graded as a ZERO. If you have an excused absence, you are responsible to bring the homework you missed the day you return to school (follow this Agenda blog). Email me if you have any questions about the work.


1st Period: Geometry Google Classroom code: pzel37o Monday: Algebraic Proofs Quiz Review

Tuesday: Algebraic Proofs Quiz (Re-Do)

Wednesday: Angle Proofs

--> HW 9 Due Friday 12/1/23 ... Bring questions for review tomorrow 11/30/23

Thursday: Segment and Angle Proof Quiz Review

Friday: Segment and Angle Proof Quiz

--> Ms. Xhen will do a 3D shape modeling demo next Monday 12/4/23

2nd Period: Biology Google Classroom code: 67srerz

Monday: EOC vocab quiz 101-120 --> Vocab for next week: EOC 121-146

--> Vocab 2 weeks from now Ch 10 and 11 (40 words) Start working on them now

Tuesday: Start the set up of the Monohybrid Lab (S4-6)

Wednesday: Monohybrid Phenomenon S1-3

Thursday: Amoeba sister Meiosis

Friday: (72 hours post set up): Observe the seedlings S7-11

--> Whatever is not complete will be done for HW and due by Monday 12/4/23

Ch 10 Test review next Monday / Ch 10 Test Next Tuesday

***Science Fair Report UPDATES:

final deadline 12/1/23

Make sure it is on Google Doc and printed

Follow the Template

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: L3-1 #1-16 Pg 141-142

--> HW due Wednesday Module 2 Test review on McGraw-Hill (online textbook)

--> Video explaining 3.1 Graphing linear equations ; Graphing with x and y intercepts ; Tuesday: Turkey graph activity

Wednesday: L3-1 Quiz

--> L3-2 HW due Friday pg 151-152 #1-9 (odds)

Thursday: L3-2 Ex 1-3

Friday: Review HW // L3-2 Ex 4-6

4th Period: Personal Finance Google Classroom code:j6vbxyc

Monday: Present Tiny House virtual plan

Tuesday: Continue Presentations

Wednesday: Continue with Calculations (Due Friday)

Thursday: Sales Tax

Friday: Purchasing Power

--> Quiz Monday on Sales Tax and Purchasing Power

5th Period: EMR Monday: Backboard Test part 2

Tuesday: Backboard Test part 2

Wednesday: Bandaging

Thursday: Helmet removal

Friday: Traction Splint

--> Quiz on Bandaging Next Monday/Tuesday

7th Period: Research Monday: Algebra review / ALEKS

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: Algebra and Geometry review

Friday: Algebra and Geometry review

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