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Week of Nov. 28, 2022

WEEK OF Nov. 28, 2022 **Subject to change due to class progress

Period 1: English 9/10

MON-TUES: Continue “Justice” unit. Assign essay about justice and war. Due Tuesday end of school day.

WED-FRI: “The Lady, or the Tiger” short story vocabulary, reading aloud and comprehension activities. Words: Barbaric, Florid, Untrammeled, Exuberant, Orbs, Genial, Rhapsodies, Amphitheatre, Incorruptible, Emanated, Doleful, Wended, Subordinate, Retribution, Solemnized, Fervent, Courtiers, Thronged, Moiety, Parapet, Reveries.

Period 2: ELA 6

MON: Begin Text Unit 2 – class discussion. You’ve been told you will never get to go to school again. Write down the things you would miss out on and how it might affect your future.

TUES - WED: Speech outlines handout. Prepare a speech to the United Nations about your ideas to change the world. Be prepared to present on Thursday (3 – 5 minutes). You will need at least one visual. More specific instructions will be given in class.

THURS - FRI: Speeches.

Period 3: Literacy

MON-WED: Read aloud Chapters 21-22 Holes and analyze. Do comprehension exercises and individual assessment on analogy, simile, and metaphor.

THURS: Holes Vocabulary Chapters 23-28: Emerald, Ladled, Shield, Asthma, Concoctions, Bushels, Gurgling, Extraordinary, Remedy, Conversation, Incurable, Grotesque, Digestion, Arthritis, Occasion, Afflict, Parched, Ointments, Resent, Quivering, Sparingly, Loot (noun and verb), Mocked, Livestock, Vile.

FRI: Reading Holes Chapters 23 – 28.

Period 4: English 11/12

MON - FRI: Reading/activities pertaining to short story, “Harrison Bergeron.”

Period 5: ELA 7

MON: Story dialogue concepts handout and discussion.

TUES: Assign story dialogue assignment. Due to be turned in on WED at beginning of class.

WED: p. 168 text: Cover story concepts: character development, internal and external conflict, setting. Revisit plot diagram.

THURS: Read short story, pg. 170 and analyze story concepts. Assessments p. 175 and 176.

FRI: Prepare plot diagram for story. Diagram is due MON at start of class.

Period 6: Law (no class Wednesdays)

MON – Court Case presentation 5ws + h.

MON-FRI: Continue Governmental regulations – discussions, resources, and assessments TBD.

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