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Week of Jan. 23, 2023

WEEK OF Jan. 23, 2023 **Subject to change

Period 1: English 9/10

MON: Speech outline due – will be reviewed by Mrs. Smith and comments given.

TUES-WED: Work on speeches.

THUR-FRI: Give speeches.

Period 2: ELA 6

MON-WED: Write Rough Draft

THURS: Work on rough draft using P. 168 text diagram.

FRI: Work on final story – due MON. Turn in your rough draft with notations from p. 168. As well as your final story.

Period 3: Literacy

MON-FRI: Holes Chapters 41-43: Read, Comp Qs, individual assignments. Vocab for Chapters 44-50 if time permits.

Period 4: English 11/12

Complete “Amaryllis” comp. Qs and individual assessment. If time permits, begin Fharenheit 451introductory material.

Period 5: ELA 7

MON – FRI: Introductory assessments and begin reading The Giver novel. Comp. Qs time permitting.

Period 6: Law (no class Wednesdays)

MON – FRI: Complete 11 Important Government Regulations on Business You Must Know handout. Participation grades for discussion, quiz, and assessment handout.

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