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Week of February 6th - February 10th

***Weekly blog can change based on class progress****

1st Period: 7th Grade Science

Monday: Ch 9.2 notes // 9.2 worksheets

Tuesday: Vocab Test // Worksheet catch up

Wednesday: Ch 9.3 notes // 9.3 worksheets

Thursday: Punnett Squares worksheet

Friday: Punnett Square worksheet review

2nd Period: HS Math

Monday: Vocab words

Tuesday: Pre-skills test pg 37-38

Wednesday: Reporting income notes pg 39 // practice pg 40-42

Thursday: Review practice // Federal Income Taxes notes pg 43

Friday: Con’t notes // practice pg 44-46

4th Period: 6th Grade Science

Monday: Worksheet review

Tuesday: Chapter review pg

Wednesday: Chapter 8 test

Thursday: Vocab words Ch 9

Friday: Chapter 9.1 notes // ch 9.1 worksheets

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