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Week of December 4 - December 8

***Please check this regularly throughout the week as I update/change things as we move forward****

Late work will be graded as a ZERO. If you have an excused absence, you are responsible to bring the homework you missed the day you return to school (follow this Agenda blog). Email me if you have any questions about the work.


1st Period: Geometry Google Classroom code: pzel37o Monday: Segment and Angle Proof Quiz // Study Guide for Proof and Logic Test

--> HW Due Wed 12/6/23: Quiz Corrections, show all work and full explanations of correct answers // Test Study Guide Bring questions for review tomorrow 12/5/23

Tuesday: Logic and Proof Test Review

Wednesday: Proof and Logic Test

Thursday: L3-7: Parallel Lines - Transversals and angle pairs

--> HW Due Friday 12/8/23 : Angles formed by a transversal

Friday: Coloring Activity / Review Test

2nd Period: Biology Google Classroom code: 67srerz

Monday: EOC vocab quiz 121-146

--> Vocab 2 weeks from now Ch 10 and 11 (40 words)

Tuesday: Collect Ch 10 Worksheet // CH 10 Test (study ch vocab!)

Wednesday: 11.1: DNA the Molecule of Heredity --> Ch 11 worksheet due Tuesday 12/12/23

Thursday: 11.2 From DNA to Protein

--> Section Assessment pg 295 #1-5

Friday: 11.3 Genetic Changes

--> Section assessment pg 301 #1-5

** Ch 11 Test next Tuesday 12/12/23

***Science Fair Report UPDATES:

Board is due this Friday 12/8/23

Science Fair is Next Friday 12/15/23

3rd Period: Algebra I

Monday: L3-1 #1-16 Pg 141-142

--> HW due Wednesday L3-2 Pg. 152-153 #38-44 (evens); 48,49,52 (7 problems)

Tuesday: L3-1 Ex 6 // L3-2 Review

Wednesday: L3-2 Quiz

--> L3-2 HW due Friday pg 161 #2-18 (evens) 9 problems

Thursday: L3-3 Ex 1-3

Friday: Review HW // L3-3 Ex 4-7

4th Period: Personal Finance Google Classroom code:j6vbxyc

Monday: Problem Solving Renting an Apartment

Tuesday: Renting Quiz

Wednesday: Buying A house

Thursday: Buying A Condominium

Friday: Getting a Mortgage

--> Quiz Next Monday on Housing, condominium, and mortgage

5th Period: EMR Monday: Bandaging Test

Tuesday: Helmet removal

Wednesday: Traction Splint

Thursday: Content Review

Friday: MCI Triage

--> Quiz next week on content (cumulative)

7th Period: Research Monday: Algebra review / ALEKS

Tuesday: ALEKS // geometry review

Wednesday: No Class

Thursday: Algebra and Geometry review

Friday: Algebra and Geometry review

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