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Week of December 11, 2023

WEEK OF DECEMBER 11, 2023. **Subject to change

LATE WORK GRADED AS ZERO. If you have a valid excuse for being late, you MUST email me the night before and ask for an extension.

HW: If you don’t turn in your HW, you will write a 5-paragraph essay on “Why it is Harmful to Not Do My Homework.”

Period 1: English HS (If absent, see “Period 1” folder for handouts).

MON-FRI: This week we will be working with the short story, “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan. Presentations (group – handout). We will start the week reading and discussing the story. Next, a handout will be given, with videos to watch and questions to answer, ending with an essay. At the end of the week, a second handout will be given assigning a presentation to be done the following week.

TUES. HW: Write two sentences each for these words: season (noun) seasonal (adjective), seasonally (adverb)

Period 2: Reading/Literature/Film (IF ABSENT, see the “period 2” folder for makeup work).

MON-FRI: This week we are continuing to work with the short story “Civil Peace” by Achebe. In the early part of the week, we will continue reading and discussing. A handout will be given to groups to complete comprehension questions. A handout at the end of the week will be given as a writing assignment, which will be turned in the following week.

TUES. HW: Write two sentences each for these words: grave (noun and adjective), gravely (adverb).

Period 3: ELA 6th Grade (IF ABSENT, see the “period 3” folder for makeup work).

This week, we will be doing (text-based writing). We will be learning skills related to the Florida standardized testing pertaining to essay writing. A handout will be given which will culminate in the final essay due Friday, along with the graphic organizer form, draft essay with highlighted corrections, final essay and essay checklist stapled together.

WED HW: Write two sentences for each of these words: lobby (noun), hobby (noun), knobby (adjective).

THURS-FRI: Comprehension Questions from the story (group) (handout).

Period 4: Ethics (IF ABSENT, see “period 4” folder for makeup work.)

MON-TUES: Articles presentation – reparations (generally).

WED-FRI: Group work on presentations that will be presented next week. Slavery reparations – what are the issues, what are the pros and cons, what is the answer – yes or no (take a stance). Don’t forget your sources.

Period 5: STUDY HALL – 8th grade

This period is intended to offer additional time to complete assignments in all classes, absentee work, and afford help in 8th grade ELA. Come prepared to work and study. Grades are based upon dedication to study and behavior standards.

Period 6: Speech and Debate (no class Wednesdays)

This week’s debate is roundtable!

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