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Week of August 29th

Fifth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 2

Monday: Mastering Loose Stroke Watercolor Florals

Tuesday: How to properly load and hold your paint brush.

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Watercolor Layering

Friday: Independent Floral Painting

Sixth Period: Two-Dimensional Studio Art 1

Monday: Watercolor Wild Flowers continued

Tuesday: Watercolor: Strokes for better leaves

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Watercolor: Wet on Wet and color bleeds

Friday: Show What You Know: Independent Watercolor Painting

Seventh Period: Comprehensive Physical Education (Mindfulness)

Monday: Yoga: Sukhasana

Tuesday: Mindfulness Circuits

Wednesday: *******No Class ********

Thursday: Yoga: Outdoor Sun Salutation

Friday: Mindful Walking: Observing our senses while walking in silence.

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